What is EasyRec?


EasyRec is an easy-to-use framework for Recommendation

EasyRec implements state of the art machine learning models used in common recommedation tasks: candidate generation(matching), scoring(ranking), and multi-task learning. It improves the efficiency of generating high performance models by simple configuration and hyper parameter tuning(HPO).


Why EasyRec?

Run everywhere

Diversified input data

  • MaxCompute Table

  • HDFS files

  • OSS files

  • Kafka Streams

  • Local CSV

Simple to config

  • Flexible feature config and simple model config

  • Efficient and robust feature generation[used in taobao]

  • Nice web interface in development

It is smart

  • EarlyStop / Best Checkpoint Saver

  • Hyper Parameter Search / AutoFeatureCross

  • In development: NAS, Knowledge Distillation, MultiModal

Large scale and easy deployment

  • Support large scale embedding, incremental saving

  • Many parallel strategies: ParameterServer, Mirrored, MultiWorker

  • Easy deployment to EAS: automatic scaling, easy monitoring

  • Consistency guarantee: train and serving

A variety of models

Easy to customize

  • Easy to implement customized models

  • Not need to care about data pipelines

Fast vector retrieve


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